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Rowe Woods was started on originally named Karlsruhe Gardens, meaning “Karl’s place of peace,” the name is changed to Lob’s Wood after World War I and has expand south. The Joseph Avey and Jacob Teal families owned farm land around that area and had so many family members the lived there that and road was named after the Teal family thus Tealtown Road. At one time some of the area was logged out and was farmland. There is a old cemetery that was once Teal family property donated for a church and grave yard. on the private part on land within Rowe Woods. There was at one time a small Methodist Church there but it is long gone, reclaimed by nature and with time. The Clermont County Historical Society has further information. - Clermont County Historical Society Website seems to be down as of late

Rowe Woods consists of 1600 acres of grass and wild flower fields, forest trails, prairies, ponds, wet lands, old growth forests, creek water falls and streams. Rowe Woods boasts 18 miles of hiking trails to explore and enjoy nature. Educational programs for people of all ages take place in this outdoor classroom, teaching the interdependence and diversity of the natural environment. Visitors can easily spend an hour, a day or all four seasons exploring what Rowe Woods has to offer. The Rowe Woods center has a very nice center with a gift shop and often has bird seed sales. I can recall many nice people who worked in the CNC. Jane Stotts Excellent History Time Line

Some of my favorite places to visit while in Rowe Woods. The prairie area near Tealtown Rd. and the spring pond near by along the trail. The trail takes you along Tealtown and some private property. You will find a nice shelter with a nice over look of a water fall along a tributary to Avery's Run Stream. There is also a connection on this path to the old growth forest.

I enjoy walking to Powel Crosley Lake and seeing deer and other wild life along the trails. The lake has several areas where you can view the water and wildlife. The main wood walkway that is near the Nature Center's Offices and stopping at the gift shop and talking to Wanda, now retired. The walkway allows you to be close to the water and nature's creatures. The lake has a shelter across from the walkway that is also a favorite spot of mine. Not far away and along the trail is a area to the north where bird watching and blind is set up for bird lovers.

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Just a short walk away is Krippendorf Lodge and the water tower and old swimming pool, as well as the pond and herb wall. I often wonder what was like when Carl and Mary lived there. There is a short walk to the Lotus Pond and the prairie with Matt's pond and the old Abner Hollow Cabin.

There is so much to see and enjoy in Rowe Woods it is hard to list them all. Soon we will have some more pictures and galleries of places and the people of Rowe Woods. I hope you will enjoy the photographs.

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Just south of Rowe Woods and the Cincinnati nature Center is another Clermont county park and nature preserve. It is called Shor Park. Silva Shor donated the 56 acre horse farm in 2003 to the Clermont county park district with a Covent that only six acres be developed. The park land was donated in honor of her husband David Shor. He loved the horse farm and nature. I started a chronological photojournalism documentary of the changes from the Shor Horse Farm to the Shor Park Nature preserve. Jim Clingman of the Clermont County thought it was a good idea. I got much of the first phase. But a rear end collision in 2009 delayed some of the process. Shor park is not a simulated nature place to explore. It is a place to enjoy real nature up close. A real nature preserve where you can get dirty for free.

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