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Old CNC Mission Statement for Rowe Woods

"Provide the Greater Cincinnati community, especially young people, the opportunity to experience, study and enjoy the natural world. Encourage understanding, appreciation, and responsible stewardship of the environment through education. Preserve the heritage and integrity of Cincinnati Nature Center natural and agricultural lands."

Rowe Woods was founded In 1965 as the main location for the Cincinnati Nature Center, founded by a handful of dedicated and visionary naturalists, lead by Stanley M. Rowe Sr. Along with other people and volunteers they created an organization where people could experience, study and enjoy the nature in a natural world setting. At the old CNC you could find pristine fields, ponds, lake and woods. The mission statement has been scraped and CNC has gone very commercial. The old idea of allowing the land to return to it's natural state has had a change to a new Disneyesque type of nature place. So this Website is a collection of pictures to remember the way nature was learned naturally at the old CNC. The Cincinnati Nature Photography Center documents the changes natural and un-natural to Rowe Woods

This site is dedicated to
Stanley M. Rowe Sr., Karl H. Maslowski, Kay Benedict, Helen Black, Katherine T. Nyce, William J. Whittaker, Jim and Jeanne Anderson. As well as the other founders of the Cincinnati Nature Center. Also to the old workers and people who live in and around Rowe Woods, Cincinnati Nature Center.
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